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Meet The Team

Michele Moss
Director of Events 

Michele Genifer Velasco, Best Event Planner in San Diego


Michele has been planning one-of-a-kind parties and events for over 20 years. Her creativity and talent as a trained floral designer, visual communication specialist, music extraordinaire, makeup artist, and creative arts genius combined with her ability to plan multiple events flawlessly, make Michele the first choice for weddings and events in Southern California.


Michele’s positive attitude and sense of humor, allows her to accomplish things that often seem impossible to others. Her “can do” demeanor, and dedication to her clients has made her very respected in the community. Her creative abilities will fascinate you as she is able to design almost anything you could ever dream of.  Michele is an expert with un-traditional, shabby-chic, Victorian, Paris Chic, and Vintage events. Her wild and edgy imagination gives her a different appeal then most would encounter in the traditional event designer and her desire to cut costs and design on a budget make her most favorable to the pocketbook. Michele's glamorous soiree's have been featured in numerous magazines such as Exquisite Weddings, Ceremony Magazine as well as international magazines such as People Mexico and Caras. She has also been featured in countless blogs and has been voted one of the top 10 event planners on San Diego's 10 News A-List Awards several years in a row. 


When she's not designing and planning events, Michele enjoys spending time with her children and husband Marcus. Michele enjoys dancing, shopping, creating, graphic design and is an active member in the Autism Spectrum, Military, and Jewish communities. 

Katy James
Event Design Consultant

Event Designer, Wedding Planner, San Diego

Katy has been working for Michele Moss Events since 2009 and has grown to have a deep passion for events and design. Katy is extremely creative and her "go-getter" attitude has made her an extreme asset to the team at Michele Moss Events. Katy is a country girl at heart and clients gravitate towards her southern belle charm and bubbly demeanor. She continues to blow people away with her personalized creations, expert dedication and positive energy. Katy is happy to help our clients with all of their needs and would be honored to go above and beyond for you.  

Ashley Beer
Event Design Consultant


Ashley has been with Michele Moss Events since 2009 while attending San Diego State University and majoring in Economics. In the time that she has spent with Michele Moss Events, Ashley is outgoing, organized and thrives under pressure. Ashley has loved her time with Michele Moss Events and her dedication shines through her work with her clients. Her personal style is simple and bohemian, but classic and unique. Ashley fascination for weddings and events is what makes her precious to our company and is honored to assist you in every step of the way. 

San Diego Bar Mitzvah Planner, San Diego Bar Mitzvah Event Planners

Melissa Baruchel

Event Design Consultant

Melissa Leisorek, Jewish Event Specialist, San Diego

Melissa joined Michele Moss Events in 2009 after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her interest in fashion and design started at an early age and has helped to provide an interesting prospective to our group. Having her on board has been an incredible addition to our team and our clients have been thrilled to have her help throughout such a monumental time in their lives. Melissa thrives on customizing events in a unique way for her clients and her attention to detail ensures that every client is satisfied with each and every incredible moment. Melissa would be thrilled to dedicate her time for you as she is always inspiring and truly one of a kind. 


Andrea Torzon

Event Design Consultant

San Diego Bartender, San Diego Party Planner, San Diego Single Events

Andrea joined Michele Moss Events in 2011 and has become the resident psychologist as Michele Moss Designs as she has earned a Masters in Psychology from Brandman University. Although her love for helping others is what she is known for, Andrea is a true asset to our organization as she is a real problem solver and positive thinker. Clients have really connected with Andrea as she is a wonderful listener and really and truly understands the clients needs and desires. She is a generous consultant with a heart of gold and is greatly appreciated by our clients with her personal touches and beautiful mind. Andrea is an active and creative professional and she is willing to work around the clock to make sure you always have your hearts desire. 


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